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Welcome to Oslo Central Station Apartments and Rooms. On this site we've gathered important information and tips for our guests. To make your stay more easy and comfortable, please take a few minutes to read through the different sections on this page

Directions Oslo Central Station Apartments:

We're located just a short walk from the Oslo Central Station and main bus terminal. Below you'll find detailed directions to our flats / rooms from the airports, from the Oslo central station and from the main bus terminal. To avoid confusion at arrival, we'd recommend to print the following directions:

Address and map

Our meeting point will be address Platous gate 31, 0190 OsloClick here to see it on Google map.


See the walking route from Oslo Central Station and Oslo Bus Terminal below: 

Oslo Central Station Apartments


How to get there from the Airports

There are three airports in Oslo: Gardermoen (main airport), Rygge and Torp. From the airports, take public transportation (buss or train) to the Oslo Central station or Oslo Bus Terminal. Avoid taxis, as it's very expensive to take taxis in Norway. From the Central Station / Bus terminal, see detailed directions below:


How to get there the Oslo Central Station (trains)

Find your way from the Oslo S train station to the main bus terminal ('Galleri Oslo'). There are signs, but if you get problems, ask someone, most people know where the main bus terminal is. You’ll have to cross a small pedestrian bridge. If you see the Oslo Plaza (a tall glass building) in front of you, you are on the right way. Go through "Galleri Oslo" / the bus terminal (quite a long building) and go to platform 26 (outside the long building on the right side). Then follow the directions from the bus terminal below.

How to get there the Oslo Bus Terminal

Our flats and rooms is less than a 5 min walk from the Oslo Bus Terminal. When at the bus terminal, go to through the long building till you're at platform 10. The turn right and go outside the bus terminal ("platform 21-25, gateterminal 41-44"). The street outside the bus terminal is called Schweeigaardsgate. You'll see a big brown building in front of you and further down the street you'll see a big grey building with a caractheristic green front ("skatt øst"). Note that the green front might be invisble if you arrive very late at night as the lights will probably be off. Walk down Scheweeigardsgate towards the building with the green front, in OPPOSITE direction of the Oslo Plaza Hotel (the tall very noticable glass building Oslo Plaza should be behind you). If you see Oslo Plaza behind you like on this picture, you're on the right way. 

You can actually see the apartment building (big grey buildings with balconies) on your left side. You'll pass a construction area, a gym (Staminakey) and a yoga center, and finally you’ll find Platous street ("Platous gate") on your left hand. We have accommodation in several addresses in this area, but Platous gate 31 will be our meeting point. Note that we have no reception, so you'll have to call our phone number (0047 95 92 62 62) or dial 3273 on the buzzer when you arrive.

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